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Captain George & his crew

A seasoned war correspondent by winter, a skipper by summer, and always an explorer and experience addict, George Tsakiris couldn't allow a cruising week be simply a week in the water.

A sworn enemy of anything remotely boring, Captain George decided that we should live before we die, so, having traded the bullets for the waves, he invites you along on a joy ride around the Greek islands... with a twist.

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The Weekender is an independent magazine on the topics of living, traveling, food and nature.

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Flyjournal, the official magazine of TUI fly company included us in their Spring 2019 issue

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Wings, the official magazine of Eurowings fly company, featured us in their March 2019 issue

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The official Athens Airport magazine presents our magical cruises

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The biggest newspaper in Europe features Captain George

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One of the biggest Swedish newspapers presents the joy of cruising with us

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Discover the essence of Greece

Open-hearted, simple, true, beautiful. More places, true encounters, life memories

To be clear: Captain George is not about renting a yacht,
it’s about experiencing Greek islands the way locals do.

We are providing a lifestyle, not boat tours. A Captain, not a yacht operator.
A week of discoveries, not your ordinary vacation.

Just ask yourself
Have you ever touched a sea urchin without getting hurt? How about having some of them for dinner?
Has an octopus ever walked on your palm?
Has a Greek yiayia (grandma) ever shown you how she makes tzatziki?
Have you ever slept under the stars in the arms of the Milky Way, while the sea sang you a lullaby?

If your answer is no,
throw your hat in the water and let the wind mess your hair up,
because you are in for a once-in-a-lifetime treat.

Open hearts and open homes

Filoxenia: An ethical responsibility and a sacred rule for the ancient Greeks, it remains part of our mentality. Hospitality asks for nothing in return, it cannot be bought nor taught.

Filoxenia is the fisherman, Nicolas, who will open his heart to us and will share his lifestyle. Filoxenia is grandma Popi, who will share with us the art of cooking like a Greek. Filoxenia is the shepherd, Antonis, who will give us a taste of life in the nature, Nikos who works at the village tavern during the summer and as a farmer during the winter. Filoxenia is all of them and so many other simple people, our people.

It is possible that some of them have not even graduated from school and most of them will probably not speak English. However, they can speak the language of the heart and will treat us to a piece of real Greece.

Open hearts and open homes

Taste & smell

Local products are more than just goods; they are about the lifestyle, laughter, songs, smiles and smells of the real Greece.

Wine is not just a liquid inside a glass bottle. Olive oil is not what is written on the label of a supermarket item. Feta is not white cheese in a plastic wrap. Yogurt is not what you have been eating until now from a tub.

Reality tastes different, smells different and feels different. This is what true Greece is: To us, wine is the youth stepping barefoot on grapes, inside barrels, so it will come to life. Cheese is the shepherd who coagulates the milk from his goats to create real feta, real butter and divine tasting yogurt.
Salad and fruits are the generous gifts of Mother Nature her blessing to the back yards.

Taste the difference of life itself...

Taste & smell

Unique locations

Far away from five-star hotels and all-inclusive vacation packs, overcrowded beaches with more sunbeds and umbrellas than can possibly fit, water that smells like coconut-infused tanning oil, loud beach bars and tennis balls hitting your head, lies a different Greece.

The one of the tiny islands, the hidden beaches where very few will be able to leave their footprints on the sand, the bays where the sea waters the trees, the crystal clear, turquoise water and the untouched seabed with thousands of seashells.

This is our Greece and this is the one we want to show you!
Sea you there.

Unique locations


A true taste of the Greek summer


This is our Greece and this is the one we want to show you!

Acts of Gods

The three Ws

Poseidon is a moody God. If necessary, we will adjust our journey according to his will and the windy whims of his son, Aeolus.

Starting points

From Athens
From Kefalonia
From Patra
From Zakynthos

Anchor drop

6 days
Kefalonia, Ithaca, Atokos, Meganisi or Kastos, Akra Oxia

7 days or more
Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Atokos, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Akra Oxia

Ionian Sea

Our boats

50 shades of cruising. Ok, three. But we are getting there.

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This price includes a skipper, fuel, cruising insurance, amenities, breakfast, lunch and two dinners, as well as all the costs of the included experiences.

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